Egypt's refusal this week to allow a funeral for former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Mahdi Akef reveals a regime that understands its hold on power is precarious

Wael Haddara

A new study finds that American children are being indoctrinated by skewed accounts of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Islam. But if sharing verifiable facts and non-Western points of view is skewed, teach on

Belen Fernandez

With the state of rot inside the beltway, it's no wonder that a young Saudi ex-fighter pilot with no diplomatic experience can glide into the unstable world of Trump’s Washington and cause scarcely a ripple of concern

Bill Law

I spent 18 days in Egypt this summer, talking to everyone - the poor and the rich, those against Sisi and those praising him. But it was the cactus pear merchant who showed me what I really needed to see

Amr Khalifa

The greater struggle that Syrians have long fought and will continue to fight against the Assad machine will not end through peace talks that legitimise the regime’s version of liberation

MEE contributor

There was a celebration of Bahraini religious tolerance, co-sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, last week in Los Angeles. What would Bahraini Shias think about that?

Richard Silverstein

After a two-year odyssey and despite protests, Tunisia's 'reconciliation law' passed last week, revealing just how faulty the notion of democratic transition in the country always was

Fadil Aliriza

No matter what government is in power in Syria in the future, Iran has secured a strong paramilitary foothold and political presence in Israel's backyard

Shahir Shahidsaless

The UK's policies towards Egypt appear to have changed dramatically in just the past few weeks. Has Britain dropped the veil of democracy promotion under pressure from lobbies and Brexit?

Amr Darrag

The multiplicity of victims and perpetrators in Iraq makes it difficult to analyse the ongoing violence, which becomes only more complicated with time. Above all, violence has made revenge a way of life

Myriam Benraad