The book is an intimate diary of a courageous man who would disdain any such description of himself, after seeing the raw courage of so many Palestinians

Robert Fantina

To lend credibility to his leadership stature, Emmanuel Macron is approaching diplomacy from a proactive and personal angle. A strategy that has yet to produce tangible results

Béligh Nabli

Turkish president's political dominance has been powered by economic growth. But a run on the lira has stirred some rotten memories

Abid Ali

Relations between Tunisia and Algeria on security issues have been strong for years, but Algeria is deeply hostile to the western military presence in the region

Francis Ghilès

Neither reasonable voices within Israel, nor global criticism, have hindered the ambitions of its ‘occupation geopolitics’

Taha Ozhan

Rather than quietly retaking its place as a junior partner in a region dominated by Saudi interests, Qatar is going its own way

Ross Griffin

Bill criminalising the filming of Israeli security forces underscores the state’s chilling suppression of Palestinian rights

Richard Silverstein

Framed as criticism of Donald Trump, support for the Palestinian cause is no longer taboo among US politicians

Nada Elia

Abandoned by their allies, the rebels' days in southern Syria appear numbered

Christopher Phillips

In the wake of Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal, a tit-for-tat process between Iran and the US could have serious consequences

Shahir Shahidsaless