Why Israel is not held to the same standards of morality as the rest of the world is a question that has long been left unanswered

Aayesha Soni

If the 2005 London bombings were blowback from Iraq, then the 2017 Manchester bombing was probably blowback from Libya

Mark Curtis

BDS is more moral and seems a more effective tool than any rocket launched from Gaza

Marco Carnelos

Saudi Arabia did not save Jordan's ailing economy. Kuwait and Qatar did

David Hearst

The post-election euphoria that a non-sectarian, nationalist government will emerge in Baghdad seems to be dissipating in the face of the realities of Iraqi politics

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Unlike with Pyongyang, America’s allies in the region are not interested in a diplomatic solution to the Iran issue

Trita Parsi

The further developments in Morocco will be watched with much care throughout the region

Max Gallien

The president of the Palestinian society at the university has been disciplined for campaigning against Islamophobic policies on campus

Malia Bouattia

As long as five percent of Jordan’s income is provided by expatriates in Saudi Arabia, their alliance will be crucial

Mohammad Ayesh

If a deal is reached in the south of Syria, it would go some way towards further entrenching the return of the Syrian government to near full control of the country

Kamal Alam