Netanyahu and Modi share a vision of the world that is based on an exclusive nationalism inspired by a very selective, even mythologised reading of the past

Peter Speetjens

Trump governs on gut instinct and eschews expertise - the less his administration does in the Middle East, the best for all

Chris Doyle

The current crisis exposes the weakness of Tunisia’s consensus-driven political landscape

Max Gallien

Efforts to criminalise criticism of Israel limit political discourse on important topics such as foreign policy, US attitudes toward human rights abroad and trivialise the rising threat of anti-Semitic sentiment

Ryan J Suto

The local, regional and international dynamics at play suggest conflict will continue beyond 2018

Christopher Phillips

Israel cannot curb the growth of the BDS movement, it would do well to heed its message and end discrimination against Palestinians

Jamal Juma

We will continue to work using all peaceful means to support the Palestinians until they have attained their rights whatever the price Israel attempts to extract from us

Kamel Hawwash

Washington would be better off challenging absolute theocracies and brutal dictatorships, rather than confronting a semi-democracy in a region in which tyranny and absolutism are the norm

Soumaya Ghannoushi

What we are witnessing today in Saudi Arabia among royalty is the beginning of the process by which the vertical succession may need bloodshed to be established as fait accompli

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The long standing tension in the relations has to do with profound, institutional insecurity linked to the nature of two incompatible regimes

Atta El-Battahani