Despite its shortcomings in directly upholding peace and justice, the UN is on balance a vital force with respect to conflict and peacekeeping

Richard Falk

In the four-month period from 1 July to 30 October 2017, Israel violated Lebanon’s airspace 758 times for a total of 3,188 hours

David Morrison

An intricate web of neocons uniting Israel lobbyists with Arab Gulf state surrogates has created a powerful echo chamber that neither Republicans nor the White House can ignore

Andreas Krieg

Putting pressure on prominent public figures to retract their criticism of the apartheid Israeli state is a tactic that reveals its undeniable weakness

CJ Werleman

Instead of the big schemes, the government should pour more investments into basic infrastructure and services to close the social divide

Kieran Cooke

Under bin Salman's leadership, Saudi has become a source of regional instability and could easily become the next state in the Middle East to unravel

David Hearst

Governments in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria must eliminate discriminatory legislation that allows only fathers to pass on citizenship to their children

Nadine Sayegh

Legal and policy reform alone can't make the shift needed to tackle violence against women, there must also be a general change in attitudes

Sophia Akram

The Syrian government and its allies have a vested interest in emptying the area of its original residents and making this demographic change permanent

Lina Khatib

With the origins and identity of couscous at risk in today’s globalised world, it is high time we recognise the historic, cultural and culinary heritage of North African couscous

Smaïl Goumeziane