As Israel continues its murderous machinations against Palestinians while regularly threatening to attack Lebanon, the hope for peace is slim

Belen Fernandez

While the meeting between Turkey, Russia and Iran appeared to mark an important shift towards some form of settlement, Syria will continue to be torn by conflict in the years ahead

Ranj Alaaldin

In Somalia, which already lacks a strong central government, the foreign military presence risks aggravating matters and contributing to the country’s disintegration

Mustafa Salama

After Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, Netanyahu has set his sights on another strategic prize - the end of the refugee issue

David Hearst

It is sheer hallucination to imagine that by sacrificing Syrians, the regime and its enablers could remove the risk of change in the regional status quo

Taha Ozhan

Israel knows it will get away with its crimes, and therefore it keeps on committing them

Abir Kopty

Last year Trump attacked Syria at a time when he was facing a domestic crisis, a conundrum he also faces now

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

For those accustomed to miscalculation, it is not easy to discern wrong from right

Basheer Nafi

The unhealthy obsession with the year of the invasion effectively writes out subsequent, and still unfolding, history

Fanar Haddad

Criticising the Israeli propaganda tactic does not get in the way of activism against society's many other oppressive systems

Nada Elia