As a US-Israeli-Saudi union has come to dominate regional affairs, Jordan's geopolitical world has turned upside down

Sean Yom

In coverage of Israel’s recent massacres, columnists have defended abject brutality and implied that Palestinians have no rights

Gregory Shupak

The US comedian has sparked a firestorm with her latest racist remarks, but considering her history, anyone could have seen it coming

Richard Silverstein

US administration’s anchoring of its Middle East perspective on Netanyahu’s worldview is unsustainable

Taha Ozhan

Since Trump took office, the Israel lobby has mobilised four other powerful lobbies: Christian evangelicals, the alt-right, the military-industrial complex and Saudi Arabia

Jonathan Cook

The West, led by the US, has shown as much contempt for international law as Assad in the conflict

Richard Falk

Palestinians must mobilise and strategise to ensure that Israel’s latest assault will be its last

Nada Elia

Confronted with a growing social protest movement for several months, King Mohammed VI has a card to play to ease tensions: the release of the Hirak detainees

Reda Zaireg

The US's tacit support has emboldened the Egyptian leader to crack down harder on dissent

Rania Al Malky

There is growing speculation over the real motives behind France's new leading role in Libya

Guma el-Gamaty