Many Lebanese see Le Pen's visit as a triumph for persecuted Christians, but they should question her solutions for terrorism - and dual nationals

Makram Rabah

Putting US troops on the ground in Syria - an option that may be put before Trump soon - would be ineffective at best and disastrous at worst

Robert Grenier

Like Israel's law blocking certain family reunifications, Trump's immigration ban treats entire families, friends and colleagues as enemies

Sawsan Zaher

At a time when checks and balances against Egyptian power are needed more than ever, the state is giving watchdogs the fight of their life

Amr Khalifa

With settlement expansion and the Trump-Netanyahu love fest, it seems clear that the PA should go to The Hague - but don't hold your breath

Richard Falk

US should consider impact of banning the group on bolstering radical discourse in the Arab world, and undermining relations between Muslims and the West

Basheer Nafi

Cartoonist Katie Miranda on Netanyahu's visit to meet Trump this week

Katie Miranda

Many states that claim to be Islamic are actually following a colonial, European model with a few Muslim add-ons. It's time for a rethink.

Asifa Quraishi-Landes

The Israeli right hailed the American president's indifference to the two-state solution as a victory. The celebration may prove premature

Meron Rapoport

If the PA is too obtuse to shift its strategy in the face of the Trump-Netanyahu alliance, it is not only irrelevant, but also part of the problem

Sharif Nashashibi