By tarring all Islamists with the same brush, Cameron is alienating crucial allies in the fight against IS

Peter Oborne

Sisi has yet to make his biggest mistake, which would be to carry out the death sentence on Morsi

David Hearst

Turkey seems to be seriously mulling sending troops into Syria, but will they fight IS or the Kurds, or is the whole thing just more sabre-rattling?

David Barchard

Tunisia must stand up to authorities eroding civil liberties, if the Arab Spring's best hope is to keep its light alive

Jonathan Steele

It was a Western backed authoritarian government in Tunisia that suppressed Islam and aided the rise of groups such as the Islamic State

Moazzam Begg

Celebrity chef Bourdain missed the mark in a recent visit to Beirut, describing it as a ‘Rumsfeldian dream’ of a Middle Eastern city

Belen Fernandez

The former Grand Mufti and other religious scholars have played no small role in offering support for Egypt's military regimes

Mohamad Elmasry

With a fast approaching deadline, Ayatollah Khamenei moves to buttress his status as the most decisive actor in the nuclear negotiations

Mahan Abedin

France has reaped commercial rewards from the Gulf states for unconditionally supporting their antagonistic regional policies

Julien Barnes-Dacey

Non-state groups such as IS could have significant influence on the success or failure of regional powers throughout the Middle East

Ibrahim Halawi