With Israel's most loyal defenders paying lip service to a two-state solution, here's a quick way to cut through the PR and get at the truth

Ben White

Many of Israel's military and intelligence chiefs express dovish sentiments once they have left - and the reason may be more than a change of heart

Yossi Melman

Lessons that should have been learned in Iraq haven't been, leaving a disaster after Mosul is liberated all but inevitable

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

New paramilitary force, announced by controversial politician, risks aggravating Lebanese politicians who have so far kept the peace

Makram Rabah

The past five years have cost Egyptians more than $91bn. As more descend into poverty, its unclear the money has been well spent - at all

Mohammad Ayesh

As the West hesitated, the Russians effectively installed their own no-fly zone in Syria. Now we can only recoil in abhorrence

Bill Law

For far too long, our voices have been treated as secondary sources to bolster careers, rather than actually empower us

Mariam Barghouti

The real battle for this key Iraqi city starts when the guns fall silent and it is clearer whether Mosul will remain a predominantly Sunni city

David Hearst

A housewife, a tuk-tuk driver, a young woman and a man from the south captured on video say it loud and clear: patience is wearing thin in Egypt

Amr Khalifa

The UK home affairs select committee has fallen for the Israeli lobby's attempt to conflate criticising Israel with anti-Semitism

Kamel Hawwash