For years, Mr. Othman was imprisoned in the UK without trial, his family subjected to unspeakable hostility and harassment by ordinary British citizens

Victoria Brittain

Asking Muslims to apologise for al-Qaeda and IS is like asking a Brit to apologise for the English Defence League

Sharif Nashashibi

The US seems to have a knack for seeing what isn’t there - Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction - while missing what is

Chris McGreal

'Racism has become institutionalised and its consequent violence is legitimised. It has become the policy, the politics of a nation.'

Ibrahim Halawi

Every member of the coalition against the Islamic State has their own self-serving reasoning to explain their involvement and if the so-called Islamic State didn’t exist, many in the region would be keen on creating one

Ramzy Baroud

Saudi Arabian officials say their involvement alongside Iran to bolster Yemen's Houthis is 'thoroughly thought out', but could their efforts come back to haunt them?

David Hearst

The PKK has accused Ankara of facilitating the Islamic State’s assault on the norther Syrian town of Kobane

Martin Armstrong

Encouraging peace-making while justifying the US led attack on Syria, Obama’s double-talk confuses many about US designs in the Middle East

Jonathan Steele

Several left-wing authors have advocated bombings to stop IS atrocities, bombings which are atrocities in their own right

Gregory Shupak

IS closes in on small enclave in Syria; fears for massacre of remaining inhabitants, high risk to Ankara-Kurdish peace process

David Barchard