Humanitarian chiefs in Iraq’s Kurdistan region claim they are being 'ignored' as coalition prepares for the operation to retake Mosul

Gareth Browne

Israel is beginning to open up about its secret nuclear programme - but both of its reactors are showing serious signs of ageing

Yossi Melman

The decades-old US-Saudi alliance appears to be unravelling fast, likely sparking a US Treasury bond withdrawal and court action in its wake

Christopher M Davidson

Pressure from the US and corruption lie behind a $10bn contract that endangers Jordan's energy sovereignty while aiding Israel

Hisham Bustani

How many more horrors will be needed for the bombed and besieged people of the Syrian city to get their 'Aleppo moment'?

Adham Sahloul

Islamophobia is undeniably on the rise - and that's a problem for us all as all forms of racism are relegitimised in the process

Arzu Merali

While regarded as a man of peace worldwide, Peres is seen by Palestinians as a man of war. His political career may explain why

Meron Rapoport

Amid ambitions of imperial expansion, Russian leader's ultimate prize would be US President Donald Trump

Michael Millard

By routing his opponents and breaking the neoliberal consensus, Corbyn has the strongest mandate of any opposition leader since Tony Blair

Peter Oborne

No matter who leads Turkey, the country finds itself stuck in a Gordian knot of interests and pitfalls in Syria

Basheer Nafi