From Myanmar to South Sudan, and more recently the Gulf Arab states, Israel has tried to keep secret its weapons sales to regimes engaged in brutal conflicts

Yossi Melman

One hundred years ago, the Balfour Declaration backed Palestine as a Jewish homeland. Imagining if history had taken another turn offers a fresh perspective

Kamel Hawwash

Failing counterinsurgency efforts will require much more than changing a few generals

Omar Ashour

Theresa May is among a long line of British leaders since Balfour who in celebrating his infamous declaration expresses gung ho support for Israel

David Cronin

After 26 years of KDP-PUK leadership, it’s time to move beyond the era of family rule and build institutions in the Kurdistan region

Bahra Saleh

Two very different parts of Palestine highlight the injustice still inflicted on Arabs by Israel

Peter Oborne

The Congress is likely to pick a path that appears to show resolve against Iran without having much substance or teeth

Richard Silverstein

The crown prince's understanding of moderate Islam is a project in which dissenting voices are silenced, activists are locked behind bars, and critics are forced into submission

Madawi Al-Rasheed

For decades, Saudi rulers have utilised religion to remain in power and gain regional dominance. Mohammed Bin Salman's attempt to shake that status quo could yield severe consequences

MEE contributor

A severe humanitarian crisis continues to wreak havoc on the Yemeni people while the arms deals get bigger

CJ Werleman