There are a number of problems with some of the thinking behind the programme but there are also some positives

Tahir Abbas

Trying to shape Kurdish political realities to Baghdad’s liking, through the usual manipulations and interventions, would be a long-term recipe for disaster

Akeel Abbas

The false contrast between the freedom of women in the West with their alleged oppression in the Arab region misses the larger context. It is one of gendered disempowerment, war, occupation and militarised society

Nada Elia

Only a better leadership in both Erbil and Baghdad can bring the conflict to a peaceful settlement

Dr Choman Hardi

A new version of the Islamic State in Syria that is more pragmatic and prone to the demands of cooperation and alliance making is possible after its defeat in Raqqa

Samer Abboud

Only a new Kurdish leadership that upholds the principle of serving the people, not a cult of personality or political party, will make a democratic Kurdistan possible

Azos Rashid

The US is in retreat and Saudi Arabia has been left weaker than ever before as a result of the games it has been playing with the Kurds

David Hearst

A recent study on hate crime revealed an escalation of violence against non-Muslim British men when they are perceived to look 'like a Muslim'

Imran Awan

As the US begins implementing its latest aggressive Iran strategy, the Islamic Republic is set to blunt US plans

Mahan Abedin

The US' designation of Hezbollah as a 'national security threat' distracts attention - and resources - from the real threat posed by the Islamic State

Belen Fernandez