If it moves forward, UN-backed probe into Khan Sheikhun attack needs to learn from the 2013 nerve gas attack to get in and establish the truth

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

Much has been made of the ties between criminality and radicalisation. But what about the growing intersection between drugs and terrorism?

CJ Werleman

Sisi's emergency law will do little to counter the Islamic State, but it will legalise his dream: full dictatorship without pretense

Amr Khalifa

The US travel ban shares similarities with a system that caliphs in early Islam used to exclude people based on religion

Amirah Masnavi

As an Egyptian Muslim citizen, I would be honoured by your visit to my country, but I beseech you to reconsider your trip

Rania Al Malky

Violence and conflict, crossed with the increasing impact of climate change, threaten millions of the world's most impoverished people

Kieran Cooke

Despite rhetoric, Kremlin has done as little as possible since Syria strike to antagonise Trump

Jonathan Steele

Many Syrians would still be alive, safe and home today had there been a response to the Assad regime’s first massive chemical massacre in 2013

Rime Allaf

The only way to bring about a real change in the government in Damascus would be through destroying the regime militarily

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

By behaving erratically, US leaders can outmanoeuvre their rivals, but Kissinger's 'madman theory' tactics won't defeat IS or Assad in the end

Nafeez Ahmed