As the population in the Nile area rises, scientists warn that global warming will create extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. Is Egypt ready?

Kieran Cooke

Arguably the first modern travel book, Twain's The Innocents Abroad is a reminder to see beyond the words used to capture countries and people, a credo we need in an increasingly polarised world

Peter Speetjens

As each new batch of Beirut-happy articles purports to destroy preconceived notions about the Lebanese capital, loads more notions requiring destruction are created in the process

Belen Fernandez

Many people seem to believe that 'radical Islam' causes terrorism, but the psychology that leads to violence is about much more than religion. The onus is on all of us, not just Muslims, to stifle fanaticism

Wael Haddara

None of the reasons behind the Qatar-Gulf spat make complete sense - and that's because this chaos isn't driven by logic or political norms

Taha Ozhan

The US and UK have remained shamefully silent about Nabeel Rajab. All the while, he courageously reminds us from inside a police cell of the true meaning of democracy

Bill Law

A Russian hacker attack that helped spark the biggest political crisis in the Gulf in years has showcased the increasing ease of wreaking geopolitical havoc through cyberspace

Kristina Kausch

Khamenei's speech shows extent to which factional infighting has taken priority over even issues of significant magnitude

Abraham Nematzadeh

Recent protests are about more than a lack of jobs or IMF austerity. They are a continuation of demands to end all forms of domination

Mabrouka M'Barek

After spending two years trashing the possibility that Corbyn could win elections, The Guardian's coverage must be judged harshly. An apology is due

David Hearst