A year ago, they weren't speaking but the recent summit shows a relationship strengthening despite tensions over Syria

David Barchard

The release of official casualty figures by Iran raises new questions about the country’s role in the Syrian conflict

Mahan Abedin

EU officials may sniff at the detention of asylum seekers in Hungary, but their policies are also failing to uphold 'European values'

Tom Rollins

Although details are under wraps, a Saudi investment project involving the country's atolls has stirred up protests in the Maldives

Kieran Cooke

Turkey's armed forces are reportedly unhappy with the AKP's post-coup purge. But if they are planning a coup, Erdogan is ready

Ahmed al-Burai

We will never forget those who died, but we should also remember the lies of those who took us into these wars and continue to justify them

Lindsey German

The Lebanese president's rhetoric risks isolating the country from its Arab neighbours and placing it at odds with the international community

Makram Rabah

Six months into Operation Euphrates, Turkey is getting deeper into a conflict and losing friends and allies along the way

Simon A Waldman

The think tank's vision calls for the establishment of a spy state. No public who understood this would agree to social suicide like that

Arzu Merali

Overwhelming evidence shows that gender equality is a precondition for sustainable growth, welfare, peace and security

Margot Wallström