Bruised by its failure to punish Doha and marginalise Tehran, Riyadh is applying pressure on smaller allies like Kuwait to do its dirty work

Maysam Behravesh

From making jokes with airline staff to wearing Ivy League sweatshirts, Muslims told me how they cope with what has become a distressing situation for many

CJ Werleman

Initially the republic brought in by the Free Officers movement offered hope of reform and renewal but on its 65th anniversary, its successor regime is weak and brittle

Basheer Nafi

Netanyahu stands accused by the Israeli right of surrendering to the Palestinian street over the al-Aqsa metal detectors. With a submarine bribery scandal brewing, he has a lot of ground to make up

Meron Rapoport

Even if Qatar does what the Saudi-led bloc of four wants, it will not make the Muslim Brotherhood or the people's aspirations for freedom and dignity disappear

Ahmad Salah El Din

The UK has done everything it can to draw attention away from its role in the Yemen conflict and its intimate relationship with the Saudis. It is right to be ashamed

Dan Glazebrook

Saudi plans to spend $50 billion on renewables over the next six years with the target of producing 30 percent of the country’s electricity from renewables by 2030

Kieran Cooke

The former Iraqi prime minister was in Moscow seeking stronger ties to Putin with an eye firmly on taking back the premiership in 2018

Yury Barmin

The failure of the British government to prosecute crimes of aggression undermines the rule of law, setting an example to the rest of the world that states can wage aggressive war with impunity

Michael Mansfield and Antonia Benfield

Foreign reporters are remarkable in their ability to find Hezbollah fighters willing to talk anonymously. But how seriously should we take these claims?

Peter Speetjens