Elections in Malaysia have toppled close Saudi ally Najib Razak. His downfall could expose how and why Riyadh gave him hundreds of millions of dollars in donations

Azzam Tamimi

US has rejected diplomacy in dealing with Iran’s nuclear programme not once, but twice, with dire consequences for Iraq’s stability

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey will be intensely involved in the Iraqi elections outcome

David Hearst

Following local polls, the big question is whether Tunisia's ruling parties, Nidaa Tounes and Ennahdha, will stick together in the fragmented political landscape

Alessandra Bajec

Rabat chose to alienate Tehran to benefit from the backing of both Gulf countries and Washington

Reda Zaireg

The first prisoner released on Donald Trump’s watch has been repatriated to Saudi Arabia to serve the remainder of his term. The years of torture he endured in Guantanamo will not count towards this sentence

Moazzam Begg

Israel’s deportation of a law professor and conviction of a Palestinian poet underscore wrong-headed objections to BDS

Jonathan Cook

Western powers appear perfectly relaxed about dealing painful blows to the Syrian army, which could open the gates to a resurgence of jihadists and possibly the decapitation of the Syrian state

Peter Ford

US President Donald Trump has a problem with 'Death to America' slogans. Is the widespread desire of ordinary Iranians to end US arrogance, duplicity and hegemony that difficult for The Donald to grasp?

Seyed Mohammad Marandi

The only way for Europe to save the deal is to make it clear to America that targeting EU firms doing business in Iran will lead to a costly transatlantic trade dispute

Riccardo Alcaro