Feeling a little lost on International Women's Day? Cartoonist Katie Miranda offers some tips

Katie Miranda

Increasing repression, trying civilians in military courts, banning political parties - perhaps elections in 2018 offer the only hope

Bill Law

If the forces that seized oil ports from Haftar can hold them, negotiations over the country's future will become even more complicated

Wolfgang Pusztai
Arnaud Delalande

It was the diaspora that incubated the Palestinian national movement - and they may just be the ones to fire it up again

Basheer Nafi

For decades, Arabs have been held in disdain by otherwise 'progressive' Americans - it's just now the hatred is too blatant to ignore

Nada Elia

Radicalised by IS from afar, two young men killed this 71-year-old Muslim imam in Rochdale last year - but you probably never heard about it

Alastair Sloan

The French are among the largest contingent of volunteers in the Israeli army, but if the Palestinians take Israel to the ICC that could change

Thomas Vescovi

Ankara's plans for safe zone could see it fighting against US-backed allies in Syria

Ahmed al-Burai

Mexico has refused to allow Israeli fathers to take surrogate babies to Israel. Ring any bells about the denial of Palestinians' right of return?

Belen Fernandez

With the days of Western security guarantees over, Gulf countries are leading a drive for regional security cooperation

Jane Kinninmont