The US response was appropriate. The question is whether it is one-off or a signal to Assad that his free pass is over

Frederic C Hof

Long subjected to racism and imperial conquest, Arabs should defend the rights of other people as much as they defend their own

Mat Nashed

The Russian claim that the Syrian air force bombed a rebel Sarin factory that released the chemical is technically highly unlikely

Dan Kaszeta

The regime may have the upper hand in western Syria, but as Turkey and the US push against IS in the east, Assad sends a warning

Maysam Behravesh

As long as the West is not ready to acquiesce to Syrian regime's demands for restoring ties, expect further spectacular massacres

Jihad Yazigi

Delinking human rights from US weapon transfers defangs our best bargaining position to secure real stability in a tumultuous region

Husain Abdulla

The reception of refugees, in fact, has nothing to do with a country's resources, size or population. It is only a matter of political will

Natalia Paszkiewicz

Backing military rulers like Sisi has long been a favoured US policy - but the longer term consequences can be disastrous

Omar Ashour

The Sisi-Trump meeting was a PR win for both. But beyond the superficial, these two are headed for trouble, together and on their own

Amr Khalifa

Six years of inaction have simply allowed the Assad regime to continue its crimes. But donor states can act now to give Syrian children a future

Rime Allaf