On a British university campus, 10 years from now . . .

Katie Miranda

With a Pakistani general leading a Saudi-led terror fighting force, Islamabad has the chance once again to be the region’s final guarantor

Kamal Alam

There is no road to peace in Syria that does not pass through Russia, but we should be prepared to engage with more than blind trust

Crispin Blunt

Under legally murky guidance, many of us would be considered suspicious. That's helpful if you want to stifle debate on Israel-Palestine

David Hearst

After years of ups and downs, how Trump proceeds in the coming days with Gulen and Syria will set the tone for the relationship going forward

Taha Ozhan

It is an open secret that the Iranian leaders are impressed by Trump. Can shared anti-establishment tendencies keep the US-Iran Cold War on ice?

Mahan Abedin

Proportional representation would be a small step towards fairer representation, but some parties fear losing power as a result

Peter Speetjens

Along with criticising the Israeli PM and military officials, report admits Hamas and Israel were reluctantly dragged into the 2014 conflict

Yossi Melman

The supreme leader said the idea that Iran would go to war without the nuclear deal is a 'pure lie', but his assertion could be costly

Shahir Shahidsaless

Islamic State is only one of the threats to Egypt's Christians, the others being state discrimination and religious intolerance

Amr Khalifa