A poorly produced video high on rhetoric and sweeping historical narratives will not unsettle nerves in Iran

Mahan Abedin

It has a smaller war chest and less media coverage, but the 'No' campaign has the advantage two weeks away from Turkey's referendum

Ali Mert Taşcıer

A notion persists in the mainstream media that Europeans are the real victims of the refugee crisis without any reflection on their colonial legacy

Belen Fernandez

Weeks after the mosque killings in Quebec, critics falsely painted the motion as an attempt to 'Islamise' Canada

Faisal Kutty

Until we see clearly that Israel uses the same techniques on Ethiopian Jews and Palestinians, we can't start to fight oppression

Efrat Yerday

Dr Ali al-Mhamied was the first of the more than 700 health workers the Syrian government and its allies have killed since 2011

Annie Sparrow

For the first time since his indictment, the former Palestinian-Israeli MK explains the injustice that motivated his actions

Basel Ghattas

Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed is visiting Western capitals but unless he includes more Yemenis, his peace efforts will founder

Baraa Shiban

The arrest of a man who compared Lebanon's leaders to animals on Facebook is not a fluke, but a reflection of much broader problem

Kareem Chehayeb

To commemorate Land Day, UK students have launched 'Don't Punish Protest' to push back against university repression of Palestinian activism

Yara Hawari