Essentialist anti-imperialists in the West conveniently overlook Assad's brutal opportunism towards religious extremism

Joey Ayoub

As Israel celebrates its 69th anniversary, does federalism offer a fresh approach to break the current West Bank deadlock?

Meron Rapoport

The huge concern about the referendum from Western and Arab writers came from the same people who embraced Egypt's coup

Basheer Nafi

My father was an 82-year-old British Muslim murdered by a neo-Nazi. Where is the outrage at terrorism against British Muslims?

Maz Saleem

Who will fill the vacuum that the Islamic State leaves in the east? Syria's future hinges on it

Maysam Behravesh

Proponents of Iranian regime change in Washington should look carefully at America's intervention track record over past 20 years

Adam Weinstein

Turkish bombardment of Kurdish strongholds in Iraq and Syria may be prelude to wider operations to reverse growing Kurdish autonomy

David Barchard

While many in Egypt's army milk the country’s economy, millions of Egyptians languish in poverty. This an army for the army – not the people

Amr Khalifa

A number of critics have grossly misrepresented Baroness Warsi's account of being a senior British Muslim politician

Peter Oborne

The unprecedented action is not just a bid for improved conditions, but a call for the most basic of human rights and treatment in Israeli prisons

Dr Inas Abbad