The detention of a dual national in Iran speaks to continuing volatility in Anglo-Iranian relations. But skillful diplomacy may save the day

Mahan Abedin

Hariri’s strategy is more about stripping Iran and Hezbollah of their pretensions than about presenting an implementable road map for ending the resignation crisis

Lina Khatib

There seems to have been no progress in resolving the growing tangle of political and legal disputes between the two former close allies

David Barchard

The most important question is: Are the Saudis willing to commit to a long and exhausting war in Lebanon?

Basheer Nafi

The real problem is the deep collusion between the UK government and Israel’s government, which carries out such a well-documented and devastating regime of militarised repression

Ryvka Barnard

Will Mohammed bin Salman go as far as striking a deal with Israel in which he offers full normalisation in return for Israel destroying Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon?

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The over-referral of Muslim young people to UK anti-terrorist programme is silencing dissent, stigmatising religious practice, creating climate of fear

Sadek Hamid

The activities of Priti Patel are a sign of a wider imbalance in Britain's foreign policy in the Middle East

Peter Oborne

There is ample evidence to suggest that May's government has accommodated a pro-Israel lobby that keeps the true nature of its activities under wraps

David Cronin

Mental illness, guns situation or terrorism: It all depends on to whom Trump is talking

Katie Miranda