I saw the impact of Trump's travel ban from an Eritrean refugee camp in Ethiopia where some people have been waiting for resettlement for years

Natalia Paszkiewicz

Some argue that Iran's middle class has failed to cement any political reforms, but their creative responses to repression is reason for hope

Amirah Masnavi

Muslims in Birmingham have spoken loud and clear - Khalid Masood does not represent them

Imran Awan

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best way to block candidates with anti-immigrant and Islamophobic stances may be to join them

Shenaz Kermalli

Turkey’s partnership with Russia in Syria is proving a disappointment leaving Ankara little choice but to accept Russian protection for the Kurds

David Barchard

If we really want to stop attacks like the one in London this week, we need a counter-terrorism strategy that doesn't rely on Islamophobia

Roshan Muhammed Salih

Netanyahu is beginning to worry that life under Trump may be much more difficult than under Obama. An election could be his way out

Meron Rapoport

In January the president gave his generals and advisers 30 days to come up with a plan to fight the group. We are still waiting.

Matthew Ayton

Both the defence of shrines and the fight against militant groups are used to justify a war to preserve Iran's strategic depth

Maysam Behravesh

The Filipino domestic worker, who says she was fighting off rape when she killed her employer, faces death or paying $50,000 in diya

Alastair Sloan