Syria’s spirited defence of its airspace late last week is a clear signal to Israel that future violations will draw a credible response

Mahan Abedin

Earlier this week, the US imposed restrictions on carry-on electronic devices on planes coming from 10 airports in countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Cartoonist Katie Miranda imagines how the ban came to be - and how it might roll out.

Katie Miranda

While Israeli elites regularly get away with tax evasion, authorities use them, Soviet and Chinese-style, to shut down Omar Barghouti

Richard Silverstein

As negotiations and military options look implausible, large-scale terror attacks are increasingly attractive for some Syrian rebel groups

Mona Alami

How did the Libyan National Army seize back the oil crescent after the lightning offensive by rival Benghazi militia?

Arnaud Delalande

With civilian deaths from US attacks rising, Trump seeks greater powers to circumvent rules of engagement. Is this the best way to beat IS?

Gemma Fox

Emirati security forces seized the human rights advocate on Sunday. Decency demands that Boris Johnson and the FCO condemn this outrage

Bill Law

Waiting for Egypt's economic revival with Sisi at the helm is like waiting for Godot

Amr Khalifa

Did an Israeli minister recently suggest that Israel send Lebanon 'back to the Middle Ages' to exonerate future war crimes?

Belen Fernandez

As Egypt-Saudi relations appear to frost over, there are tentative moves towards a rapprochement with Tehran

Mustafa Salama