Many states that claim to be Islamic are actually following a colonial, European model with a few Muslim add-ons. It's time for a rethink.

Asifa Quraishi-Landes

The Israeli right hailed the American president's indifference to the two-state solution as a victory. The celebration may prove premature

Meron Rapoport

If the PA is too obtuse to shift its strategy in the face of the Trump-Netanyahu alliance, it is not only irrelevant, but also part of the problem

Sharif Nashashibi

Sisi trumpeted the widening of the waterway as a new economic era, but scientists warn of long-term environmental and economic disaster

Kieran Cooke

The proliferation of online images that sexualise Israeli soldiers and the army, help normalise military violence and occupation

Leeron Hoory

Refusing to fight the biggest threat of our lifetime is to willingly sponsor a myriad of militant groups and violence on a scale we have never seen

CJ Werleman

Not only would the move breach Jordan's 1994 peace agreement with Israel, but it would likely set off uprisings that directly impact the kingdom's security

Mohammad Ayesh

Mosul may spell the end of IS as a unified military threat in the Middle East, but this is not the end of the group's havoc by a long shot

Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

Trump is shaping up to be the worst US president in history, but the chaos his administration is set to fuel in the Middle East will be a new low

David Hearst

For all its grandstanding, Trump's administration is just following an American tradition of coercing Iran and its 'malign influence'

Gareth Porter