Austria's Freedom Party may have been defeated, but its 'At home instead of Islam' slogan lives on in the new 'integration law'

Emran Feroz

Turkey must heal its divisions or risk being in a permanent state of crisis, but judging by Erdogan’s conduct, that is just wishful thinking

Simon A Waldman

It's late in the day, but a new case against Blair's role in the 2003 invasion is again raising questions about his responsibility

Richard Norton-Taylor

Erdogan wins a thin majority to turn Turkey into an executive presidency, but support in big cities and the Kurdish-speaking southeast fell short

David Barchard

Given the French Socialists' track record, there is room for doubt that Benoit Hamon will be a change agent for the country's Palestine policy

Elodie Farge

In a year with major anniversary celebrations, support for Israel is waning among millennials, young Jewish Americans and Democrats

Ben White

Outlets have celebrated the US strike on Syria, glossing over major risks of prolonged war and painting US militarism as inherently good

Gregory Shupak

AUB is saddled with a $700K fine for decade-old workshops and a database entry, while the US finds it ethical to fling billions at Israel

Belen Fernandez

The former president's surprise decision to enter Iran's elections this week highlights a weak electoral system primed for chaos

Mahan Abedin

From Israel to Syria, Donald Trump's shortsighted foreign policy is a disaster in the making

Richard Silverstein