Stars such as Mohamed Salah portray favourable images of Muslims, helping to reduce stereotypes and break down barriers within communities

Kieron Monks

Pompeo's demands on Iran post-deal have been described as 'a pipe dream', so why is the US secretary so desperate to fulfil them?

Shahir Shahidsaless

Protesters from across Gaza participated in the Great March of Return but Israel looks to win the PR war by branding them all 'terrorists'

Muhammad Shehada

Moscow intends to preserve its standing and military gains in Syria as the confrontation between Iran and Israel continues

Yury Barmin

In reality, Washington has been this crisis's centre of gravity from the beginning

Andreas Krieg

Conflict and chaos could come from the nature of evangelical beliefs and the influence they have over the US president

Morgan Strong

With national politics hard to break into, Tunisia's young activists are going local

Julian Weinberg

Obama wanted to end his presidency on a positive note, but it was only a matter of time before a subsequent administration aimed to curb Iran’s regional expansion

Mustafa Salama

For decades, Bernard Lewis, who has just died, provided the intellectual and moral justification for bigotry and war in the Middle East

Peter Oborne

What should be avoided during government formation is a return to the old failed ethno-sectarian politics that Abadi and Sadr routinely criticised and vowed to dismantle

Akeel Abbas