A willing rendition partner, a 'dumping ground' for Guantanamo Bay detainees, and now sending troops to fight IS in Iraq... What won't Albania do for the US?

Belen Fernandez

In southern Turkish towns, money, people and power flow to and from Syria and residents talk of the old world and a new order

Bruno Maçães

In the name of preserving security, the anti-Qatar quartet has sought to curtail Qatar's sovereignty. To get to a compromise - and save the GCC - we must acknowledge that these needs are independent of one another

Salman Shaikh and Courtney Freer

A new luxury tourism project might be good news for Saudi coffers, but the venture will allow for activities forbidden in the rest of the country and undermine the regime's political legitimacy along with it

Mustafa Salama

IS is not a spectre that has come to haunt us from a distant past. The roots of its apocalyptic theatre of violence run deep into modern soil

Jad Bouharoun

The Saudi government’s ongoing military operation in the Eastern Province city has been sustained by the arm sales, military training and silence of Western governments, particularly the US

Husain Abdulla

I remember. Others remember. But Egypt's post-coup propaganda machine has worked overtime to push an alternative reality

Rania Al Malky

The disputed circumstances surrounding the deaths of dozens of Shia militiamen earlier this week brings post-IS political and security challenges into sharp relief

Mahan Abedin

In a desperate attempt to prevent his own indictment, Netanyahu resurrected the radical right rhetoric that elected him 20 years ago. Grievous consequences are liable to ensue

Meron Rapoport

He has called it the ‘worst agreement ever negotiated’ and now the US president may try to finish it off. Will he succeed?

Shahir Shahidsaless