The country had already lost its way in the 20th century, and there are powerful signs that it could share the same fate in this century

Taha Ozhan

Labour’s right wing has used anti-Semitism allegations to undermine leader Jeremy Corbyn – leaving him with one choice

Amnon Baron Cohen

A decade since the famous Bodrum holiday of Assad and Erdogan, Turkey’s Arab policy is in tatters

Kamal Alam

On the fifth anniversary of the UAE 94 trial, the country remains plagued by structural economic imbalances, an underdeveloped north and increasing autocracy

Joe Odell

The Return March has shown that the Palestinian people will not tolerate the siege of Gaza any longer and that a popular explosion is not far off

Jamal Zahalka

Gender equality must be a priority, but there should also be a focus on empowering Muslim women and men

Tahir Abbas

Syrian president has no leverage to coax Russia and Iran into an open conflict with the US and Turkey

Sami Hamdi

Palestinians continue to walk the path to its end and pay the full price, with steadfastness and faith

Salam Abu Sharar

Riyadh has delivered a small dose of cultural and economic openness in order to avoid demands for political liberalism

Soumaya Ghannoushi

Despite its billing as the most accurate portrayal of Israel's famous rescue operation, the film is a hodgepodge of historical account and fictional dramatisation

Azad Essa