Attempts by Sami Anan and Ahmed Shafiq to enter the election race are a clear indication of rising concerns about Sisi within ruling elite circles

Basheer Nafi

Turkey does not seem to have a political strategy for the operation in Afrin which can jeoparadise any military gains it might achieve

Galip Dalay

US Vice President told the Israelis words they hadn't heard from a senior US official in decades

Richard Silverstein

Wendy Pearlman's collection of testimonies is a timely reminder of the immense personal cost that Syrians have had to pay

Elizabeth Tsurkov

The cause and the sacrifices made by millions of Palestinians deserve much more than the current leadership have or can achieve

Kamel Hawwash

Norway's recent announcement to suspend arms sales to UAE will no doubt anger a number of British ministers who would like to keep Britain's relations with UAE away from public scrutiny

Joe Odell

A combination of complex social, political and economic factors will most likely lead to more unrest in the future

Shahir Shahidsaless

The unintended result of the siege of Qatar and the defiance of the state has been to reinforce the Gulf state's sovereignty and rally the population around its rulers, strengthening national unity

Ranj Alaaldin

In his new post as DFID's permanent secretary, Matthew Rycroft will gets to grips with the human consequences of the UN and British diplomacy's failure in Myanmar and Yemen

Peter Oborne

While the BDS movement does not appear to be having a tangible impact on Israel's economy, the government is fighting it with all its might. It seems it fears the future more than the present

Meron Rapoport