Starting just months after the 2011 uprising, UK policy has helped to prolong and radicalise Syria’s devastating war

Mark Curtis

Gaza's peaceful protesters need international support, otherwise Israel will continue to use violence against them with impunity

Ali Adam

New research on counter-narratives to Islamophobia articulates the 10 major ways of challenging anti-Muslim racism today

Arzu Merali

At upcoming meeting in Brussels, the international group should ensure that Syria’s neighbours are getting enough support to cope with the refugee influx

Bill Frelick

Any further restraint in responding to Israeli aggression will only encourage more violations against Iran and Iranians

Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Safeguarding the status quo while paying lip service to voters' demands is the name of the game in Lebanon's 2018 parliamentary elections

Haley Bobseine

Without international action, Israel’s push to disappear Palestinians will complete the cycle of isolation

Ramona Wadi