French special forces soldier killed in fight against Islamic State


Paratrooper killed as French soldiers advise local forces during firefight; no details of where in Middle East incident occurred

French President Emmanuel Macron "learned with great sadness" of soldier's death (AFP)
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Monday 25 September 2017 8:31 UTC

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday said a French special forces paratrooper had been killed while taking part in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group in the region of Syria and Iraq.

Macron "learned with great sadness" of the soldier's death, the presidency said in a statement. He hailed the warrant officer's sacrifice while "accomplishing his mission for the defence of our country, the protection of our fellow citizens, and the fight against barbarism".

The army said the soldier had been shot as French soldiers were advising local forces during a firefight with IS.

The Elysee Palace did not say whether the fatality occurred in Syria or Iraq, where France is assisting the US-led coalition battling IS.

About 1,200 service personnel are deployed with the French military operation in Iraq and Syria, known as Operation Chammal, launched in Iraq in 2014 and extended to Syria in 2015.

The mission supports local forces in their fight against the militant group, principally with air strikes, reconnaissance flights and training.