Manchester charity concert tickets sold on at vastly inflated prices


Social media users outraged as Manchester benefit sells out in minutes, only for tickets to reappear with 1,000 percent mark-up

Ariana Grande sings on stage at a concert (AFP)
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Thursday 1 June 2017 14:33 UTC

A benefit concert for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack sold out in minutes - only for tickets to reappear online on Thursday on offer at vastly inflated prices.

Ariana Grande is headlining the "One Love Manchester" event on Sunday to raise cash for the British Red Cross's campaign to support the victims and families of the those killed and injured after Grande's concert on 22 May.

Tickets priced at £40 sold out on Ticketmaster within six minutes - but then many began to reappear on other websites at vastly inflated prices reaching into the hundreds of pounds. 

Those who attended the 22 May concert had been offered free tickets to Sunday's event - but many could not get them.

Social media users expressed outrage that a charity concert could be turned into a money-making exercise for ticket touts. Ticketmaster has recently been criticised for failing to stop touts buying up large numbers of tickets.

Whilst some expressed outrage, others called for sites like eBay and Gumtree to act:

eBay responded with the following:

Free tickets

Ticketmaster said in a statement: "We understand that there are a number of fans who didn’t receive an email this morning with regards to free tickets for One Love Manchester.

"We worked through the night and verified thousands of original bookings although there were some we could not verify."

In response to this, TV personality Tony Dortie offered to help families who had attended the original concert but could not get tickets for Sunday.

Taylor Hilson of Manchester expressed anger at the ordeal to get tickets for Sunday's event.

"Buying tickets to sell for profit when the event has been organised as a charity fundraiser is absolutely appalling," he said.

The One Love Manchester benefit concert, to be held at Old Trafford cricket ground, will also include Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Niall Horan, Pharrell Williams, Usher and Take That.