Saudi Arabia says technical 'glitch' unblocks Qatari websites


Saudis able to see Al Jazeera Arabic and BeIN sports, two months after they were blocked as part of diplomatic crisis

BeIN sports was blocked by Saudi Arabia (AFP)
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Monday 24 July 2017 12:24 UTC

Saudi Arabia says a "technical issue" has led to the unblocking of some Qatari television channels and websites, including Al Jazeera Arabic.

Users in Saudi Arabia were able to use on Monday as well as the BeIN sports channel, according to multiple sources on social media, two months after Qatari media was blocked as the Gulf fell into diplomatic crisis.

However, Saudis were surprised on Monday morning to find the site and station available.

Saud al-Qahtani, a Saudi Arabia's royal court adviser, wrote on Twitter: "The websites appeared due to a technical fault and will be re-blocked soon."

Others were sceptical of the Qahtani's statement, and saw the unblocking as a conciliatory move.

Saudi activist Anwar al-Muwallid wrote on Twitter: "This is for Erdoğan's visit, and to take this message to Doha: if they accept our demands the ban lift will continue, but if they refused the ban will come back."

Another activist, Mohammad Alyahiya, said: "The ban lifting for and BeIN Sport website is good start to open new era between brothers.. it could not be by mistake."

Closing Al Jazeera and other media was among 13 demands from a Saudi-led quartet to lift the blockade on Qatar. All demands have been rejected.