Saudi cleaner mocked for looking at jewellery - but has the last laugh


Saudi Arabians search for cleaner to show that Twitter can be a force for good

Cleaner captured looking at jewellery in Saudi Arabia (Shatha Alshareef/Instagram)
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Thursday 8 December 2016 14:58 UTC

When a cleaner in Saudi Arabia was mocked online for looking at gold jewellery through a window, Saudi Arabians rallied to find him and buy him a present.

One social media user captured this image of the cleaner, who can be seen looking through the window of a jewellers, and posted it on social media with the caption: "His limit is to look at rubbish hahaha." 


But Saudis on Twitter disagreed

Upon seeing this image, many Saudis took to Twitter to not only vocalise their disagreement with the sentiment of the tweet, but to offer gifts to the man shown. Middle East Eye has not been able to identify him.

One social media user felt so strongly about the image that he requested help from those who could put him in touch with the worker so that he could buy him a particular present: a set of gold jewellery. 

Translation: Peace and blessings upon you all, I urge those who know this worker to get in touch with me. I have a free set of gold jewellery for him. 

As this request was picked up and shared, the cleaner was located as working in a market in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and he has since been presented with the very items he had been pictured looking at.

Translation: Thank God and many thanks to those who helped do good.

And it didn’t stop there

As the initial picture was shared more widely, Saudis began offering other presents and sums of money to the worker.

Translation: And I have a gold jewellery set for him. My messages are open if anyone knows him please get in contact and make your efforts and deeds pure.

Translation: And I have 500 riyal for the worker. If you have managed to reach him, please contact me.

Translation: And he has a present from me... God comfort and lift him.

Saudis may have just proven that social media can be a force for good.