UCL students reject reports that pro-Palestine, pro-Israel protesters clashed


Social media users objected to reports of violence after Israeli army spokesperson was invited to London university

Pro-Palestinian supporters protesting against a University College London invitation to an Israeli army spokesperson (screengrab: Albert Dimitrian Cotlet)
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Saturday 29 October 2016 12:11 UTC

People have taken to social media to rebut claims that pro-Palestine and pro-Israel supporters clashed at a London university event last night.

Hen Mazzig, an Israeli army spokesperson, was met by a pro-Palestine protest after being invited to speak at University College London (UCL) by the university’s Friends of Israel society.

While police were called in and extra security was present, the university’s union (UCLU) has since stated that this was “due to the controversial nature of the event".

Some reported accounts of disorder but the university has since released a press release stating that “the police reported no instances of violence, and the protest continued from 6:30 to 9:00".

Two sets of protests are said to have taken place, one in support and one in opposition to the event.

Many have since taken to social media to express their feelings towards the event.

“War Zone”

Some social media users took issue with Mazzig’s tweet that compared the protests to a "war zone".

Attendees of the protest also described their experiences.