VIDEO: Is this revolutionary toothbrush Europe's latest discovery... or not?


"Dear white ppl, you really crossed the line with this one"

Czech company have re-branded the Miswak as 'revolutionary' (Yoni)
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Friday 21 April 2017 16:48 UTC

Czech company Yoni has recently come under fire after releasing an advert for their ‘revolutionary’ discovery of the ‘Raw Toothbrush’ and its benefits. Twitter couldn’t help but laugh.  


People were quick to remind Yoni that the use of their alternative toothbrush - or as it’s known in the Middle East, a ‘miswaak’ - has been a long-standing tradition across many parts of the Arab peninsula, south-west Asia and Africa.

Yoni isn't the first company to spark outrage for claiming traditional pieces. Topshop recently pulled its Keffiyeh Playsuit from the shelves after criticism of cultural appropriation.