With few exceptions, journalists failed to examine the underlying facts while repeating what turned out to be false allegations

Peter Oborne

The Marvel Studios movie may inadvertently reinforce the negative portrayal of Muslims

Faisal Kutty

The recent focus on SOAS sheds light on a series of important aspects of the way Prevent operates in universities, and in general

Malia Bouattia

The majority of rebel groups in Eastern Ghouta think their only option, despite the odds, is to survive long enough until things change

Haid Haid

Greg Shupak's new book documents - and corrects - the warped media narrative on the Palestine-Israel conflict

Belen Fernandez

The French justice system's handling of the pre-trial conditions case has been dogged by controversy, allegations of denial of justice, and violation of due process

Alain Gabon

The alliance of a religious Shia movement with a leftist-secularist party might end up as the king-maker of a new Iraqi government

Ibrahim Al-Marashi