Mahdi Rahimi was an asylum seeker with ambitions to go to university. But his life changed when police linked him to the Parsons Green bomber


Bolton is reportedly pushing a plan for regime change in Tehran similar to the one rejected years ago during the Bush era

Gareth Porter

There are now 15 African countries with permanent embassies in Israel, with four African embassies having opened up in Israel in the last three years alone

Azad Essa

All who are interested in peace in historic Palestine must remember that we did not choose our occupiers; they chose Palestine, knowing it was not an empty land, and we paid with our lives and rights

Kamel Hawwash

Israel provided military aid to brutal Latin American dictatorships in the 1980s. Guatemala was the first to follow the US embassy move. Honduras and Paraguay may soon be next

Maren Mantovani

The Iraq war enraged and sensitised the British public about political deception, but far from being an aberration, ministers misleading the public is as British as afternoon tea

Mark Curtis

The Bibi and Bolton duo is now back in business sowing hatred and conflict in the region

Marco Carnelos

The outside world, with its shattered limbs and destroyed lives, had been surgically removed from the consciences of those at the US embassy in Jerusalem

David Hearst