An army of social media trolls are at the ready to denounce legitimate criticism of Israel’s occupation and settlement enterprise

Kamel Hawwash

The presence of a peaceful Islamist movement in Tunisia is a thorn in the side of the dictatorships in the Gulf and Egypt, who seek to end the country's fragile experiment with democracy

David Hearst

As long as the Saudi-led coalition gets the support of its strongest Western ally, the conflict will continue escalating

Abdulaziz Kilani

The UN resolution was never implemented, and with time, its standing has been diminished by an international community unwilling to enforce it

Ghada Karmi

Tunisian politicians should enact bold economic and judicial reforms to secure the country’s future

Francis Ghilès

With phone calls banned, the Voice of Prisoners radio station allows families of detainees to send messages to their imprisoned relatives

Salam Abu Sharar

His claim that the main source of conflict in the 21st century would be cultural has been proven to be academically worthless - and an intellectual catastrophe

Peter Oborne

Speculation is mounting that Riyadh will endorse Trump's 'deal of the century,' leaving Palestinians out in the cold

Belen Fernandez

Macron's relentless war on the poor, trade unions, migrants, Muslims and the welfare state have shown the real face of the banker-turned-president

Malia Bouattia

CNN's firing of Marc Lamont Hill and outrage at Airbnb and the Quakers reveal a complete intolerance of criticism

Jonathan Cook