As plunder and thuggery grip the country’s war-scarred landscapes, conservationists find themselves powerless to intervene

Diana Darke

The time is right for museums that have long benefited from plundered artefacts to assist in repatriating cultural property

Ruqaya Izzidien

UN mechanism aiming to investigative atrocities committed by the Burmese military needs to be fully funded

Nurul Islam
Kyaw Win

It is no surprise that President Macron's unofficial adviser has failed to give Islam in France a viable direction

François Burgat

In seeking to isolate and weaken Iran today, in alliance with Israel, UAE and Saudi Arabia, the US administration is threatening regional and international peace and stability

Sina Toossi

An army of social media trolls are at the ready to denounce legitimate criticism of Israel’s occupation and settlement enterprise

Kamel Hawwash

The presence of a peaceful Islamist movement in Tunisia is a thorn in the side of the dictatorships in the Gulf and Egypt, who seek to end the country's fragile experiment with democracy

David Hearst

As long as the Saudi-led coalition gets the support of its strongest Western ally, the conflict will continue escalating

Abdulaziz Kilani

The UN resolution was never implemented, and with time, its standing has been diminished by an international community unwilling to enforce it

Ghada Karmi

Tunisian politicians should enact bold economic and judicial reforms to secure the country’s future

Francis Ghilès