Enamoured Western media coverage catapulted 'Crown Prince charming' and other notorious regional human rights abusers into the role of 'modernising reformers'

Belen Fernandez

Western countries supported the military coup in Egypt and chose not to intervene in Syria. Are they about to fail another test of humanity?

Yehia Hamed

Nothing has put the relationship between Washington and Riyadh to the test like the Khashoggi affair

Andreas Krieg

Despite the bloody fallout, all indications point to the continued momentum of the Palestinian protest movement

Ahmed Abu Artema

Mounting pressure on Saudi Arabia over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi might account for Mohammed bin Zayed's decision to cancel Paris visit

Adlene Mohammedi

The Saudi Arabia I knew as a child would not have carried out such a heinous act as the brutal murder of a patriotic intellectual

Kamel Hawwash

If evidence of the journalist's killing was cleared out before Turkish police could conduct a search, then the 'sacrosanct' nature of the consular building effectively obstructed justice

Deniz Baran

I have been a severe critic of the current US administration's policy towards the Palestinians. But does this make me a possible security threat to the US? Of course not

Kamel Hawwash

The outrage by Western governments is in stark contrast to their silence over and, in the case of the US and UK, their active support of Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Washington and London may choose to pull their support of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - but the country’s next leader may not be as friendly towards the West

Peter Oborne