For the first time in their modern relations, neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia have a political pawn in Islamabad that they can manipulate

Kamal Alam

A Miss England contestant in a hijab has highlighted a difference in attitudes across the Channel in France

Hajar El Jahidi

The launch of a 'Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit' offers reason for hope at a time when racism is on the rise in many parts of Europe

Arzu Merali

It's time to admit that only a change in power dynamics will bring about a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Marcelo Svirsky

A win in November’s midterm elections would give Democrats an opportunity to check Trump’s previously unrestrained executive power

CJ Werleman

As tensions rise among the dominant powers in and around Iraq, the Kurdish call for independence will eventually come to the fore again

Mohammad S. Mustafa

If the Ahvaz attack has Saudi and UAE fingerprints, then their goal is likely for Iran to respond aggressively, which may force the US to act militarily

Trita Parsi

Tlaib’s expected election to Congress will only bring change if grassroots activists ramp up their efforts in tandem

Noura Erakat

Washington’s punitive measures are antagonising not only Turkey’s leadership, but also the entire government apparatus and parties across the political spectrum

Zeynep Coşkun Koç

In a groundbreaking new book, author David Wearing explores the strategic value of Gulf Arab monarchies to British capitalism and the British state

Belen Fernandez