Awaiting trial in an Israeli prison, Khader Adnan has been refusing food for two months to protest ‘the essence of detention’

Randa Musa

Under pressure from the West, Saudi Arabia is diversifying its partnerships, and Russia stands to benefit

Alexey Khlebnikov

The Syrian people have lost their homeland and identity, reduced to the labels of refugees, immigrants, terrorists, civilians, victims and opposition fighters

Taha Ozhan

The journalist's brutal killing could threaten the US-Saudi relations and Saudi crown prince's grip on power, and dramatically affecting the calculations of Israel and the US

Marco Carnelos

Deal to reopen the Naseeb crossing, which had been closed since 2015, will offer a boost for the economies of both countries

Abeer Ayyoub

Those chosen for Iraq's newly awarded executive posts will have to balance the nation's tangled domestic and international politics

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

The focus of the moral outrage seems directed at Trump as much as MBS, as if US crimes do not go back a long, long way

Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Over the past year, the crown prince has tightened his grip on Saudi Arabia's military and security agencies

Yezid Sayigh

The Khashoggi murder and the likelihood of a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives offer an opportunity for distance

Gareth Porter

As pressure continues to mount over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Washington and London are weighing their next moves

Mark Curtis