The scale of its commercial interests makes Britain probably the leading apologist for Sisi's regime

Mark Curtis

Johnson is prepared to lurch further to the right in order to improve his popularity among a certain band of Tory voters

Tahir Abbas

The former foreign minister's remarks actively and openly contribute to creating an environment in which the far right can thrive

Sulekha Hassan
Bushra Wasty
Jennifer Philippa Eggert

Britain's Labour party is tearing itself apart over anti-Semitism charges disingenuously cooked up by political opponents

Richard Silverstein

The fears and security concerns of Gulf Arab states are far from homogeneous, and can change quickly

CJ Werleman

It is time for Arab political representatives to reassess their Knesset participation, which has not brought Palestinians any closer to justice

Abir Kopty

New ‘Jewish nation-state’ law, which legalises the country’s apartheid regime, could spur fresh conflict

Taha Ozhan

While both states can posture domestically, the incident highlights Ottawa's clunky foreign policy and further damages Riyadh's international reputation

Michael Stephens

Moroccan citizens are questioning both the failed democratic process and the growing inequality gap

Reda Zaireg

On 29 July, the Israeli Navy stormed the Freedom Flotilla boat al-Awda and diverted it from Gaza to Israel. Dr Ang Swee Chai, medical doctor on board, recalls what happened that night

Swee Chai Ang