The zombie manoeuvres of the past 20 or more years with continued advocacy of long-moribund two-state negotiations must end: the only question is what kind of one state will emerge - secular or apartheid

Richard Falk

Institutionalised Islamophobia has contributed to hate crimes, discrimination and the exclusion of Muslims from political spaces

Arzu Merali

As the country recovers from the IS invasion and grapples with domestic unrest, another year of instability and uncertainty looms

Tanya Goudsouzian

Turkey’s March elections have pushed themselves to the top of the country’s political agenda - and with the economy on the slide, the ruling AKP is preparing to fight a tough campaign

David Barchard

Recent violence marks a serious shift in the country's wave of social unrest, sparked by economic and political concerns

Mohammad Ayesh

As the pace of political, commercial and military relations increases, Ankara must balance the risks and benefits by maintaining ties with other allies

Elif Beyza Karaalioglu

Transactional relations reign supreme as smaller players attempt to carve a larger role for themselves

Lina Khatib

Palestinians will continue to demand liberation - and that cannot occur until they are allowed to return to their homeland

Tarek Hamoud

Only an extensive public movement of grassroots support will be able to bring about a UK foreign policy that genuinely promotes human rights

Mark Curtis

Travel through the Egyptian border crossing involves a chain of complex procedures - and it often ends in failure

Ahmed Abu Artema