Tens of thousands came out to protest against the surrogacy law. Palestinians and others will have to wait their turn

Gideon Levy

A number of players helped bring about peace including the UAE, which should benefit from its control of a strategic Red Sea port. Eritrean exiles are not so sure

Jennifer Riggan
Amanda Poole

The German midfielder's resignation is part of a wider issue that persons of dual heritage experience - Europe needs to recognise that such identities cannot be neatly compartmentalised

Fatima Rajina

Israeli restrictions on scholars wishing to teach at Palestinian universities present a clear violation of academic freedom

Nada Elia

By propping up Turkey's Afrin operation, the British government has once again supported Islamist-backed military conquest over more liberal forces

Mark Curtis

The International Criminal Court is finally launching pretrial proceedings in Israel war crimes case

Richard Silverstein

Left unchecked, the racist state will sooner or later encompass every inch of the land

David Sheen

Ethnic and religious discrimination has become a constitutional value in the State of Israel. Is this Labour Party policy?

David Hearst

Today, it is more important than ever to reflect on what should define the US: freedom, liberty and equality for all

Faisal Kutty

The all-encompassing media law recently passed by parliament is merely another facet of the regime's psychological warfare against democracy advocates

Rania Al Malky