With the Trump administration determined to drive Iran into a corner, the Islamic Republic has little choice but to hunker down and resist

Mahan Abedin

For the continuation of his creeping but secure annexation policy, the Israeli prime minister needs quiet, not war

Meron Rapoport

Justice must be sought in Khashoggi’s case to send a clear message not only to regional rulers, but also to the peoples of the region that they are not alone

Maha Azzam

Violating the deceased’s right to an honourable Muslim burial is an ancient crime, one that recalls Sophocles as well as Islamic teaching

Mohammad H. Fadel

Netanyahu’s ongoing support for Saudi Arabia, despite the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, fits a pattern of Israel aligning with dictatorships and rogue states

Awad Abdelfattah

Another cynical and expensive PR exercise on behalf of a velvet police state

Bill Law

Growing normalisation has left Palestinians struggling to understand what happened to the Arab world’s support for the Palestinian cause

Kamel Hawwash

Thanks to the actions of the British, the consequences of the Great War are still being felt in the Middle East region today

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

For Prime Minister Saad Hariri, forming a cabinet right now - regardless of its configuration - is likely to mean betting on the wrong horse

Lina Khatib

It is now established that British spy agencies knew the man whose 'evidence' was used to make the case for the Iraq war was tortured. It is time for the whole truth about the UK's role to be told

Moazzam Begg