The group has claimed the US embassy move to Jerusalem inspired them. That doesn't quite add up

Roland Marchal

Though the coming vote has spurred political manoeuvring that could end Netanyahu’s rule, it will likely not lead to any major changes in Israeli policy towards Palestinians

Richard Silverstein

Thursday saw the largest strike in Tunisia's modern history with more than 670,000 participants, as unpopular reforms and inequality drive growing discontent

Max Gallien

The Islamic Republic is preparing for an extended period of espionage and intelligence wars, asymmetric deterrence and aerial defence

Maysam Behravesh

While the recent New York Times piece was an important effort to shed light on the paramedic’s shooting by Israeli forces, it failed to tell the full story of Gaza’s suffering

Basem Naim

Rather than fighting a weakened YPG and SDF, Ankara will more likely face a direct conflict with the Syrian regime, drawing Turkish forces ever deeper into Syrian territory

Jasmine Gani

It is impossible to stand up for Saudi Arabia and human rights at the same time. It is no wonder that the Foreign Office gets dragged into persistent habits of deceit

Peter Oborne

Lacking vision and a clear strategy to achieve national unity, Palestinians have not provided what is needed to thwart the US plan

Hani al-Masri

Dehumanising Palestinians used to be easier but decades of deep-rooted, civil society activism by Palestinian Americans and their allies is bearing fruit

Ben White

Turkey’s strategy to turn an international spotlight on the case has been working, but by now, Ankara has exhausted most of its cards

Osman Sert