On anniversary of 9/11 attacks, US threatens to prosecute anyone who aids the ICC in its investigation of US war crimes in Afghanistan

Moazzam Begg

Israel's continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians does not show the failure of the process started by the Oslo Accords a quarter-century ago, but rather the intended consequences of the agreement

Jamal Juma

The state has proved its weakness through grotesque and brutal actions meant to display its strength

Bill Law

While the state mounts an aggressive PR campaign promoting religious freedom led by Prince Nasser, Bahrain is in the throes of a seven-year crackdown on political and religious rights

Husain Abdulla

Hala Alyan's debut novel is an insightful exploration of the challenges facing four generations of a Palestinian family

Hatim Kanaaneh

As ties between the two countries continue to strengthen, Georgia may be on track to become the ‘the Israel of the Caucasus’

Belen Fernandez

Without transformative political and institutional reform, efforts to co-opt loyalist militias will continue to undermine Syria’s stability

Haid Haid

As Riyadh migrates its oppressive practices to the world of social media, we must learn how to fight back

Sarah Al-Otaibi

Should the crackdown on the country’s Uighur population go unchallenged, such policies could easily be replicated by other countries looking to repress minorities

Azad Essa

Multilateralism is being replaced by bilateralism, open borders are being eroded by fanatical anti-immigration policies, and free trade has been distorted by protectionism

Taha Ozhan