For Prime Minister Saad Hariri, forming a cabinet right now - regardless of its configuration - is likely to mean betting on the wrong horse

Lina Khatib

It is now established that British spy agencies knew the man whose 'evidence' was used to make the case for the Iraq war was tortured. It is time for the whole truth about the UK's role to be told

Moazzam Begg

The country's conflict has become so intractable that it would take a near-miracle to facilitate a comprehensive and meaningful peace

Alison Pargeter

The Gaza protests may not have restored Palestinian rights, but they forced the occupation and the world to cease their indifference towards the suffering of the people

Ahmed Abu Artema

There may be little pressure put on Trump over Iran and Israel, but a new generation of left-wing candidates provides hope

Richard Silverstein

It is not sufficient to deliver aid to Yemenis. We must use this moment to redouble efforts to secure a sustainable ceasefire and solution that meets Yemenis' aspirations

Sawsan Al-Refaei

The greatest revelation to emerge from the Khashoggi murder has been Turkey’s masterful exertion of soft power over a once formidable rival

Tanya Goudsouzian
Yusuf Erim

The French president is in denial about how his government facilitates Saudi violence at home and abroad

David Cronin

Infiltrating every area of public life in a bid to control the global discourse may well shield Israel’s crimes temporarily - but in the long run, it will only reveal Israel as the villain

Ghada Karmi

Despite the popular post-revolutionary narrative, the real playing field will remain uneven for the foreseeable future, with large sections of society disadvantaged

Max Gallien