Putting pressure on the regime may not ensure immediate justice for the Rohingya, but it would help prevent further atrocities

Kyaw Win

The Indo-Israeli gas deal is an ideological investment that connects India ever closer with the rightwing ideologies of Israel and Trumpism

Maren Mantovani

There are four goals the Palestinian Authority can pursue to ensure dignity, self-determination and local ownership in the delivery of aid

Alaa Tartir

In the global quest to attain justice for Palestinians, we must coordinate and celebrate each other’s success, from Beirut to the US

Nada Elia

Moscow aims to further entrench its illegal occupation and annexation of Crimea by seeking to eliminate the territory’s indigenous population

CJ Werleman

The Saudi kings have betrayed the unique history and culture of the holy cities entrusted to their care

Ghada Karmi

Former Palestinian prisoner recounts the anguish of travelling for hours in a metal cage, at the mercy of Israeli guards

Salam Abu Sharar

Ola al-Qaradawi and Hosam Khalaf have been imprisoned in Egypt without trial for more than a year, under atrocious conditions

Aayah Hossam

Avnery vehemently opposed the idea of a secular, democratic state for all its citizens in historic Palestine

Haidar Eid

The new UK aid package ignores the root cause of the problems facing Palestinians: Israel's occupation and apartheid regime

Ryvka Barnard