Other options could have been explored to keep her safe without undermining Canadian immigration law and setting a dangerous precedent

Faisal Kutty

Israel’s occupation project is hostile to our freedom, humanity and dignity. Our only option is to continue to oppose it

Ahmed Abu Artema

For decades, the US presence in the Levant has been a painful lesson on how not to intervene in the Arab world

Kamal Alam

The contest over the nature and future of the regional order, and the Middle East’s relations with the international system, is far from over - and Europe needs to develop its own policy

Galip Dalay

The Palestinian rights activist's case shows that World-Check should take a great deal more care over accepting politically motivated classifications

Peter Oborne

Epidemic in the besieged coastal enclave, fuelled by Gaza's crippled healthcare sector, exposes the sickness of the Zionist enterprise

Belen Fernandez

The group has claimed the US embassy move to Jerusalem inspired them. That doesn't quite add up

Roland Marchal

Though the coming vote has spurred political manoeuvring that could end Netanyahu’s rule, it will likely not lead to any major changes in Israeli policy towards Palestinians

Richard Silverstein

Thursday saw the largest strike in Tunisia's modern history with more than 670,000 participants, as unpopular reforms and inequality drive growing discontent

Max Gallien

The Islamic Republic is preparing for an extended period of espionage and intelligence wars, asymmetric deterrence and aerial defence

Maysam Behravesh