Any concession to Trump that would hint of Iranian submission – even if only symbolic - would be treated as capitulation in Iran

Trita Parsi

It is time to leverage the existential anxiety that lies behind Israel's new nation-state law, and to demand equal rights for everyone in the country

Ghada Karmi

Bannon's strategy aims to destroy the EU from within by electing MEPs who will advance far right populism. An anti-fascist movement must be built from the ground up to defeat him

Malia Bouattia

For Palestinians and their supporters, a definition of anti-Semitism cannot be disconnected from the history and nature of Israel's founding and ongoing policies

Ben White

As each day passes, the humanitarian and environmental situation in Gaza becomes ever more desperate

Kieran Cooke

The Muslim community’s distrust in the Prevent policy is not based on a 'perception' that it is being targeted, but actual statistics that show that it is

Siema Iqbal
Heena Khaled
Amanda Morris
Farah Anwar-Bawany

Their ideology holds appeal for many fed up with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the call for moderate Islam and further engagement with the West

Courtney Freer

Gaza aid worker Nidal Wishah was dismissed by UNRWA. Here, he writes about why he tried to set himself on fire and why he feels like he has no future

Nidal Wishah

The Druze will continue to be Syrian nationalists - and as such they will be consistent in supporting the Syrian government

Kamal Alam

Russia could be facilitating the US president's quest to chase Chinese investment out of Iran in order to preserve its own trade routes and access to European oil markets

Dan Glazebrook