Their ideology holds appeal for many fed up with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the call for moderate Islam and further engagement with the West

Courtney Freer

Gaza aid worker Nidal Wishah was dismissed by UNRWA. Here, he writes about why he tried to set himself on fire and why he feels like he has no future

Nidal Wishah

The Druze will continue to be Syrian nationalists - and as such they will be consistent in supporting the Syrian government

Kamal Alam

Russia could be facilitating the US president's quest to chase Chinese investment out of Iran in order to preserve its own trade routes and access to European oil markets

Dan Glazebrook

Rather than a potential breakthrough, the Damascus negotiations are more realistically an attempt to test the waters

Haid Haid

There are loud noises about demonstrations, strikes and the like. But none of these rises to the rank of true civil disobedience and serious consideration to join the BDS

Hatim Kanaaneh

The Tunisian state has a responsibility to create economic alternatives to southern smuggling networks

Max Gallien

Ruling from the International Court of Justice comes amid other diplomatic setbacks for Abu Dhabi

Nabil Ennasri

A film by Mohammed Alatar sheds light on the intersection between law and politics when the International Court of Justice heard a case against Israel's separation wall

Avi Shlaim

Painting itself as a force for 'stability,' Abu Dhabi is using the country to propel its own regional ambitions, regardless of the human costs

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey