Israel's relentless penetration to the heart of Bethlehem is unmistakable

Ghada Karmi

In killing Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi crown prince revealed his true place in the Arab world. He and other despots in the region are not sources of stability

David Hearst

Washington should be collaborating with Moscow to block Turkey's imminent onslaught east of the Euphrates, which will deal a heavy blow to the anti-IS campaign

Jonathan Steele

The case of Airbnb could be a watershed moment that either affirms and advances the BDS movement or sends it back to the margins

Kieron Monks

The country’s intensifying domestic terrorism threat is unfolding against a backdrop of mounting economic hardship

Mahan Abedin

A statement criticising the recent US Senate votes reflects a sense of unease within the Saudi leadership

Bill Law

The Manchester City Football Club manager adopts a conveniently inconsistent approach to freedom of speech to steer clear of upsetting his club owners

Mostafa Mohamed

The formation of a YPG-controlled statelet in northeastern Syria would be a security and foreign policy nightmare for Ankara

Yusuf Erim

The Arab League is ready to take Syria back and talk to Assad for full restorations of ties

Kamal Alam

The Arab Spring remains an active source of inspiration and a powerful driver for more protests despite the grim regional landscape

Alain Gabon