The Libyan - whose false intelligence extracted under torture was used to make the case for war in Iraq - was an embarrassment to powerful people, and Gaddafi was willing to make him disappear

Clive Stafford Smith

The kingdom's generous UN donations and regional political clout are preventing many countries from criticising its poor human rights record

Barbara Bibbo

The request for a cessation of hostilities within 30 days is yet another PR exercise designed to justify, rather than to reign in, this brutal war

Dan Glazebrook

Europe’s push for stability in the region, in opposition to US policy, is partly rooted in humanitarian concern but even more strongly in a desire to avoid more chaos at home

Shahir Shahidsaless

With a president who gives life to conspiratorial thinking and tacit approval to political violence, it’s little wonder that we end up with people such as Cesar Sayoc Junior and Robert Bowers

CJ Werleman

The nightmare Syria finds itself in goes so far beyond the personal dynamics of a Shakespearean tragedy. It is one that reaches back into the past, taking in issues of colonialism, religion, power and democracy

Oscar Rickett

The move comes as Jordan has been repeatedly sidelined on US-Israeli decisions concerning Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees

Mohammad Ayesh

The Saudi crown prince's position is no longer secure. Whoever takes over would have to apply the lesson of his demise

David Hearst

In the medium term, the US will lose influence as Iran gains confidence; in the worst case scenario, there will be a war whose consequences will be incalculable

Peter Oborne

The Saudi crown prince is the key Arab linchpin of the Trump-Netanyahu deal of the century and shares Netnayahu's animosity toward both Iran and Erdogan

Richard Silverstein