Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will be the final decision-maker on destabilising the Strait of Hormuz

Shahir Shahidsaless

Despite uncertainty over China’s long-term regional ambitions, the UAE’s need for investment at a time of decreasing oil prices means it has rolled out the red carpet

Camille Lons

As the international community looks on, the president of the Republika Srpska is travelling along a darkly familiar path

Ismail Cidic

After approving the 'new' nation-state law, we seem to be heading to the inevitable: a confrontation with Jewish supremacy in its ugliest form

Haidar Eid

The most likely scenario is that Russia will deploy its military police in the southwest de-escalation zone, creating a buffer zone

Alexey Khlebnikov

Tens of thousands came out to protest against the surrogacy law. Palestinians and others will have to wait their turn

Gideon Levy

A number of players helped bring about peace including the UAE, which should benefit from its control of a strategic Red Sea port. Eritrean exiles are not so sure

Jennifer Riggan
Amanda Poole

The German midfielder's resignation is part of a wider issue that persons of dual heritage experience - Europe needs to recognise that such identities cannot be neatly compartmentalised

Fatima Rajina

Israeli restrictions on scholars wishing to teach at Palestinian universities present a clear violation of academic freedom

Nada Elia

By propping up Turkey's Afrin operation, the British government has once again supported Islamist-backed military conquest over more liberal forces

Mark Curtis