The argument must be re-framed to reflect what it is actually about: not anti-Semitism, but Palestine. Corbyn mustn’t surrender

Ghada Karmi

Colonel Israel Shomer escaped accountability for the extrajudicial execution of a Palestinian teen. This week, he was promoted to an even higher position within the army

David Sheen

A peace agreement between Gaza and Israel would widen the rift between the Palestinian factions and consolidate the fragmentation of the Palestinian territories

Safa Joudeh

Barring a drastic systemic shake-up, any 'budding business' promising to transform Lebanon's finances will likely result in business as usual

Belen Fernandez

Israel and Canada did not step up for humanitarian reasons, but rather to deflect attention from their ongoing abuses against indigenous peoples

Ahmad Moussa

Israel will now have a much harder time convincing the world that its apartheid regime is democratic

Zena Tahhan

Washington's close relations with the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Gulen movement have severely damaged bilateral ties

Taha Ozhan

If Turkey cannot reach compromise with US, millions of families may suffer severe economic consequences

David Barchard

From burying coverage of atrocities to downplaying the level of killing, Western media put a gloss on the Western-backed war in Yemen

Dan Glazebrook

The scale of its commercial interests makes Britain probably the leading apologist for Sisi's regime

Mark Curtis