Only an extensive public movement of grassroots support will be able to bring about a UK foreign policy that genuinely promotes human rights

Mark Curtis

Travel through the Egyptian border crossing involves a chain of complex procedures - and it often ends in failure

Ahmed Abu Artema

While Trump has torn up the status quo on Palestine by giving Israel everything it wants, in Congress a handful of new members are shaking up Middle East policy

Richard Silverstein

The Gulf kingdom has been at the bottom of the world league table on combating climate change since tables were first compiled

Kieran Cooke

Having cemented its apartheid nature into law, Israel is creating legislative cover for the act of formally annexing the occupied territories beyond the recognised boundaries of the state

Gideon Levy

Oz's political profile in the West is about the lingering romanticism of the kibbutz and the deeply held support for settler colonialism in Palestine

Ben White

The new year commences in an atmosphere of tension and controversy, yet it remains possible that moderating forces may be capable of bringing more stability to the region than at any time in the 21st century

Richard Falk

Bombarded by disinformation campaigns, many British Jews are being misled into seeing Corbyn as a threat rather than as the best hope of inoculating Britain against the resurgence of right-wing anti-semitism menace

Jonathan Cook

The shocking willingness to attack Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans and embrace American Islamophobia reveal a deeper and more depressing state of affairs between the Arab world and its expatriates

Mohammad H. Fadel

The Israeli government will assure us that there is no partner for peace and that to even dare breathe the word 'apartheid' is nothing but an anti-semitic lie

Ben White