Whoever believes that it is possible to affect from the outside the complex relationship between Iranian and Iraqi Shias is living in a world of fantasy

Marco Carnelos

This document no longer signals Britain’s virtue, but has become the most eloquent statement of its double standards

Peter Oborne

Corbyn's commitment to solidarity with Palestinians is under growing pressure as Labour looks to escape charges of anti-Semitism by staying quiet on Israel

Kieron Monks

As a Labour member, I expect the right to have a free debate about international conflicts respected within my own party

Ghada Karmi

The task of meeting protesters' demands will serve as a test for the Iraqi prime minister and increase public pressure to form a new government

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

The imprisoning of Islamic scholar Safar al-Hawali is part of Mohammed bin Salman's ongoing crackdown against all independent voices

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Non-white French communities will be celebrated, but World Cup euphoria will subside and racism will remain

Kamal Ahamada

Longstanding Knesset member Ahmad Tibi urges Labour not to change its definition of anti-Semitism at its meeting on Tuesday

Ahmad Tibi

The special relationship between indigenous Palestinians and their colonised land is resurfacing through the Great Return March movement

Ahmad Moussa

A new country was born on the back of the devastating putsch attempt

Birce Bora