There are loud noises about demonstrations, strikes and the like. But none of these rises to the rank of true civil disobedience and serious consideration to join the BDS

Hatim Kanaaneh

The Tunisian state has a responsibility to create economic alternatives to southern smuggling networks

Max Gallien

Ruling from the International Court of Justice comes amid other diplomatic setbacks for Abu Dhabi

Nabil Ennasri

A film by Mohammed Alatar sheds light on the intersection between law and politics when the International Court of Justice heard a case against Israel's separation wall

Avi Shlaim

Painting itself as a force for 'stability,' Abu Dhabi is using the country to propel its own regional ambitions, regardless of the human costs

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey

Like Palestinian-French activist Salah Hamouri, who is being detained and his family banned from entering Palestine, numerous families have fallen victim to Israel’s bureaucratic harassment

Lucia Cristina Estrada Mota

The Trump-Putin Helsinki meeting shows how far global politics has changed since 2011. Can the global left rise to the challenge of the rising nationalist axis?

Joe Gill

Fantasising about the collapse of Iran stems from an inability to comprehend the views of ordinary Iranians

Seyed Mohammad Marandi

South Africa is helping Saudi Arabia develop its own arms manufacturing capacity and is selling it and the UAE weapons to fight in Yemen

Zeenat Adam

Trump’s team is focusing on how to force the Palestinians in Gaza - and Hamas - to submit and accept their dictates or face further misery

Kamel Hawwash